Digital Aquarium :: Underwater Mood Videos -- Therapeutic Video

Professionals, did you ever wish there was something more you could offer your clients as they sit in your waiting room? Something to occupy and calm them as they anticipate their visit to the dentist, doctor, accountant or attorney? Let your patrons relax on the massage table or chair, watching the ebb and flow of Florida marine life while listening to the sounds of light mood music.

Digital Aquarium DVDsThe Digital Aquarium - A relaxing undersea visual experience.

For variety and differing tastes we offer four programs.

Please click the title links below to view each preview.

FishCoral Reefs and Fish - The original Undersea Aquarium offers stunning open water video set to relaxing guitar, piano and synthesizer music.

Turtles of the CaribbeanTurtles of the Caribbean - A sequel to the original, this volume allows you to glimpse the undersea world through the eyes of these graceful, ageless giants of the Caribbean Reef.

Caribbean Fish and Reef Creatures with Species IdentificationCaribbean Fish and Reef Creatures with Species Identification - An educational program identifying over 100 species with both common and scientific names.

Ocean ChapelOcean Chapel - An inspiring meditative gift for those that are spiritually minded.


DiverAll programs loop for continuous play and provide hours of relaxation and tranquility for anxiety relief, therapy, education, personal diversion, or general well being. Our customers have found the Digital Aquarium footage invaluable in addressing the pressing problems of individuals with mental challenges or disabilities. Therapists have used our aquatic relaxation tapes to generate non-invasive stimulation and comfort for children with Autism and Downs Syndrome, among others.

The Digital Aquarium also makes a wonderful, unique gift for anyone who treasures the outdoors, the oceans, or our great blue planet.